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FireFly Crystals

Charoite Moon Cabochons, Display Piece

Charoite Moon Cabochons, Display Piece

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A- 2.02" long / B- 2.25" Long / C- 2.04" Long

These could be used as cabs or just to display. They do have a flat back.


Charoite is only found in Russia. It gets it's deep violet color from traces of manganese. While this materials main component is the Charoite, other minerals such as tinaksite, microline and aegrine-augite help give it the beautiful pattern Charoite exhibits. 


*Measurements done with electronic measuring tools. Please allow for slight variations due to equipment calibrations and point of measurement variations.

*Pictures are never enhanced or edited to improve quality. Natural light and artificial light can have an effect on appearance of color. I will always do my best to bring you precise & accurate representations of your next piece.

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