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Chunky Ocean Jasper (TM) Heart with Flower Orbs & Druzy

Chunky Ocean Jasper (TM) Heart with Flower Orbs & Druzy

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2.95" x 2.75" x 1.72" Thick / 10.8oz (308g)

Origin: Marovato, Madagascar - Vein 7

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The term Ocean Jasper is a Trademarked name for material mined from Enter the Earth (TM) -- ETE owns mines in Madagascar and continually give back to the communities they are apart of. Ocean Jasper comes from 2 locations, Marovato an Kabamby. Marovato has limited materials and is where we get Veins 1-8 as well as some Veinless. Kabamby has more material than Marovato and is still being mined. Kabmaby material has a very distinctive look compared to Marovato. Please be cautious when purchasing OJ, especially something labeled as 8th vein material. 8th vein material was extremely limited and I have seen so many pieces being labeled 8th vein that are not. 


*Measurements done with electronic measuring tools. Please allow for slight variations due to equipment calibrations and point of measurement variations.

*Pictures are never enhanced or edited to improve quality. Natural light and artificial light can have an effect on appearance of color. I will always do my best to bring you precise & accurate representations of your next piece.

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