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FireFly Crystals

Druzy Orbicular Jasper Slab

Druzy Orbicular Jasper Slab

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428g / 15oz

6.71" L x 3.49" W x .63" Thick

*This is not 8th vein Ocean Jasper. 

FYI: With the popularity of 8th vein Ocean Jasper, earlier veins are commonly being labeled 8th vein and sold at a higher retail price. Ocean Jasper is a Trademarked material mined in Madagascar and sold by Enter the Earth (TM). Other companies mine similar material in the region, but it is not Ocean Jasper because it is not mined by ETE. It can still have the beautiful orbs and is beautiful material. 


*Measurements done with electronic measuring tools. Please allow for slight variations due to equipment calibrations and point of measurement variations.

*Pictures are never enhanced or edited to improve quality. Natural light and artificial light can have an effect on appearance of color. I will always do my best to bring you precise & accurate representations of your next piece.

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