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Large Faden Quartz Specimen from Pakistan

Large Faden Quartz Specimen from Pakistan

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Measurements: 1lb 3.7oz / 6.13" L x 3.57" Tall

Origin: Pakistan

Faden Quartz occurs in fissures of host rocks that open over time. The quartz crystals ruptures as the rock opens and "heals" giving the beautiful formations seen in the different examples of this material. 

Metaphysically, Faden Quartz is said to enhance connection to Mother Earth & enhance inner growth & clarity.


*Measurements done with electronic measuring tools. Please allow for slight variations due to equipment calibrations and point of measurement variations.

*Pictures are never enhanced or edited to improve quality. Natural light and artificial light can have an effect on appearance of color. I will always do my best to bring you precise & accurate representations of your next piece.

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